BarrierDek Security Ceilings

BarrierDek provides an effective security barrier combined with excellent acoustics. The interlocking, single layer panels provide great resistance to passage or attack in applications such as lobbies and corridors, detention dayroom ceilings, holding areas, inmate cells, hospital secure areas, museums, pharmacies, gymnasiums, and burglar-vulnerable areas. The factory-finished, powder-coated panels are constructed of (A40) galvannealed steel; the panels slip into place and are interlocked together with our unique snap-in secure lock system means they are twice as fast to install as screwed-in metal ceilings, lowering construction costs, supported by perimeter and “T” angles.
  • Tamper-Proof Assembly
  •  All Steel Components
  •  NRC up to 1.00
  •  Poly wrapped I