Detention Grade Security Doors

  • Compliant with HMMA 863 and ASTM F 1450 Testing and Performance Criteria
  • Detention Grade Security Doors
  • Commercial Grade Security Doors
  • Swinging and Sliding Security Doors
  • Retrofit Security Doors for Existing Frames (Field Verified Dimensioning Available)
  • Labeled Fire-rated Doors (Including Temperature Rise Rating)
  • Bullet Resistant Doors
  • Lead-lined Doors
  • Bar-Grate Doors
Features and Accessories Available include:
  • All Vision Light and Hardware Preparations
  • Food Pass / Cuff Port Openings (Center or Edge-Mounted)
  • Sliding and Hinged Shutters
  • Integral Speak Through Devices
  • Surface Applied Bar Grilles
  • Woven Wire Mesh Inserts to 3/8″ Diameter
  • Expanded Metal Inserts
Value-Added Services Providing Additional Savings to Customers include:
  • Factory Installation of Hardware
  • Factory Installation of Sliding Door Hanger and Guides
  • Factory Installation of Glazing
  • Factory Applied Finish Painting including Powder Coating