Sliding Electric Locking Systems

Electric Lock System Features:

110v / 240v
Bluetooth - Selectable

Sliding Door Lock Standards:

American Society Testing Materials [ASTM] - Detention Lock Standard ASTM-1643 [Sliding Doors] Clauses 1643 6.2 – 6.9
UL 3 Hour Fire Testing (for rated devices)
UL 294 A/B for Access Control Systems
FCC Rules, 47 CFR Part 15 Subparts B & C for EMC & RT
FIPS 140-2 Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules.
• ONVIF Profile C

Electric Door Lock Function

  • Pilaster Release: Hip-high paracentric keyed release mounted in a full height pilaster adjacent to the receiving jamb. (Specify P-1 or P-2).
  • Electric Key Switch: Paracentric or mogul keyed local electric control switch mounted below mechanical release in pilaster. (Specify PK-1 or PK-2 / PKM-1 or PKM-2).
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Finish (specify “G”): Available for external applications with lift-off cover panel only.
  • Emergency Gang Release - Manual Release Cabinet: In an emergency, all doors in a cell line may be simultaneously unlocked from a manual release cabinet (MRC) at the end of the cell line. While a emergency release mode, doors will no relock in any position. (4110L, 3150LX.b).
  • Remote Panel Lock System (specify “RP”): Remote panel option is available with lift off cover only. Not available with standard hinged cover. Example: 3150LX.bRP. Factory wired control cable specify 3150LX.bWC. Use in conjunction with a Manual Release cabinet.
  • Electric Half Cycle (specify “D”): Door will not lock in any position until it receives relock signal. This function requires the use of a three position switch.

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