Trussbilt was founded in 1926 as Gross Metal Products by Arthur Gross, who designed and patented the TrussCore® system of internal reinforcement still used by Trussbilt today.  In 1927, the company moved to its longtime location on Como Avenue in St. Paul, MN. As testimony to TrussCore®’s durability, the new building’s roof was constructed of TrussCore®-reinforced steel panels covered with asphalt and gravel. That roof is still in use today.  In 1930 the company became “Trussbilt Steel Doors, Inc.” and then emerged as Trussbilt, with about 75 employees.  In 1989, the company’s fabrication facility was moved to Huron, SD, and the first shipment of Trussbilt’s hollow metal products was made from South Dakota on February 1, 1990.

Arthur Gross would be proud if he could see Trussbilt now. The company has been a leader in hollow metal manufacturing for more than 90 years and has completed more than 10,000 projects.

Trussbilt Detention Equipment 

Trussbilt’s detention doors can be found in 20 nations around the world, including most major detention centers in the United States. We have fabricated more than 1 million detention-grade doors and nearly 2 million door frames, borrowed lights, and window frames.

As a security product manufacturer, Trussbilt developed and pioneered performance tests that demonstrate the superiority of hollow metal fabrication for security.  TrussCore®-reinforced steel products substantially outperform concrete solutions in their ability to withstand inmate attacks. Our racking load test, static load test, impact test, and edge crush load test have become industry standards.  

In 1999 Trussbilt developed the product that has changed the detention construction industry: TrussWall®. This steel security wall panel system uses TrussCore® reinforcement for a lightweight, space-saving solution with the highest level of security possible.  Panels can be pre-assembled at the plant or onsite, or they can be carried in the door of an enclosed building, making them ideal for both new construction and retrofit of an existing facility. TrussWall® easily integrates with other Trussbilt products for a total security solution.

Trusted Security Equipment Supplier

Trussbilt has been ISO-certified since 1998 is now ISO9001:2015 certified.  We believe ISO is a key component of ensuring our customers receive the highest quality products. And, the focus on continuous improvement required by the ISO standard means we never stop looking for ways to serve our customers better.