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The Industry’s Only Smart Locks

Jails, prisons, courthouses and additional detention facilities require the highest quality facility infrastructure and locking systems to meet the ever-changing safety challenges of the justice/corrections industry. Traditionally, the detention industry has relied on suboptimal, manual locking systems that can be compromised by contraband and other available materials. Coastal Detention is a proud supplier of the ASTM and UL-certified OBSERO Smart Lock systems, the industry’s first and only smart locks. OBSERO smart locks utilize a unique array of benefits and features to provide your facility with the highest level of security available in the industry.


OBSERO Smart Lock Benefits


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The OBSERO lock lineup provides the highest level of security available in the industry with its patented real-time Latch Bolt Position Indication Sensor, utilizing Hall Effect Technology which monitors the precise position of the lock bolt at any given time.


The OBSERO Smart Lock utilizes just a single data cable, which reduces hardware & software needed by 50%.
Our Power over Ethernet-connected system eliminates the need for industrial computers which decreases overall voltage needs by up to 30%.


The Smart Lock features PoE and Bluetooth technology and has an internal temperature sensor and self-diagnosing maintenance capabilities.

OBSERO Smart Locking System Features

With over 300 years of expertise in the justice/corrections industry, Coastal Detention carries only the most innovative products from trusted locking system manufacturers. The Southern Folger Detention Equipment Company’s OBSERO Smart Lock offers numerous tested, certified features including:
  • Half Effect & Temperature Sensor
  • UL & ASTM 1577 Grade 1-Certified
  • All-In-One Function (half cycle/full cycle)
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE 10/1-00Mbps) & Bluetooth Smart (LE)
  • Dead Motor Indication Switch

    Infographic About How the OBSERO Lock condenses the security measures you need


Detention Center Smart Lock Models

Coastal Detention offers several unique OBSERO Smart Lock options to suit your specific needs. View the specific features and benefits of our Swing Door Locks, Sliding Devices and Accessories by following the links below.


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