Trussbilt is an experienced and trusted partner for detention projects around the world. Our first project outside of the US was in 1990, when we supplied doors and frames to one of the first privatization projects in Great Britain. Our second global project was in Singapore.

Trussbilt has steadily expanded its global participation; our products are now found in 20 countries worldwide, with almost 100 detention projects in Canada.
The Trussbilt name brings credibility to a detention project. The company has been ISO 9000-certified since 1998, and is currently certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Our products meet all relevant ASTM testing standards, and the company is a member of the Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association and the Detention Equipment Manufacturers Association. By working with Trussbilt you have the assurance of meeting the highest standards anywhere in the world for detention construction.

Detention projects are unique to each location, and Trussbilt can work with you to make sure your needs are met. We work closely with the local General Contractor and bring a team of experts to your detention project. From facility design through product selection and project management, Trussbilt has the expertise to help you be successful.

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Papantla Prision Complex
Papantla Prision Complex
Papantla, Mexico
Total Beds: 2,160
Completed: 2013
Edmonton Remand Centre
Edmonton Remand Centre
Alberta, Canada
Total Beds: 2,000
Completed: 2010
Colane Prison
Colane Prison
Macau, Hong Kong
Total Beds: 1,600
Completed: 2019